Athlete Wearing a Mask

Transparent Masks Designed for Comfort

Wearing a mask doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Our transparent masks are designed to fit well without fogging up. This product does not guarantee protection from illness or any harmful substance, but the fan propelled filtered air keeps your face cool and covered! 

Each mask is made by hand in California using clear plastic, allowing you to show your face while staying safe. They are perfect for anyone who needs to communicate clearly, such as teachers, newscasters, public speakers, those in the service industry, and people who live or work with deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. You'll also appreciate our products while attending special occasions where you want to show off your smile, like weddings and graduations. We ship our transparent masks nationwide, so place your order today.

Three Sizes Available, Plus Custom Options

All our masks include a filtered fan powered by a rechargeable battery (battery and charger included). The filters come in gray or white. A foam seal covered with soft cloth lines everywhere the mask touches your skin, ensuring your comfort even if you must be masked for a long period. We sell three sizes:

  • Large
  • Medium 
  • Sport (Half Face Mask)

Each mask has an adjustable strap for variations in head size. Custom sizes are available upon request; talk to our team to place an order.

Additional N95 Filters, spare battery, spare charger, and seals Available on request, coming soon to website.